We hear a variety of things from our providers, including

  • Flexibility in setting your schedule and being able to work from home (or from wherever you happen to be)
  • The joy of taking care of patients who need and appreciate the incredibly convenient care we can provide
  • Freedom from the bureaucracy and paperwork of being part of a large corporate group
  • The coolness of being an early pioneer at the cutting edge of the next big phase of healthcare

We are one of the largest and most experienced telehealth companies in the nation, with one of the most sophisticated telehealth specific technologies available. We have contracts with many large payors and employers, covering over 34 million lives. This helps establish an economy of scale for creating the best products and services while also ensuring a steady stream of patients.

We are looking for the following:

  • Physicians for adult and pediatric urgent care. Must be board-certified in Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, or Pediatrics.
  • Physicians for adult chronic and wellness care. Must be board-certified in Internal Medicine or Family Medicine and have experience in primary care.
  • Board-certified psychiatrists for behavioral health patients.
  • Licensed therapists, social workers, and similar providers for behavioral health therapy.
  • Board-certified dermatologists for chronic dermatology issues.

Our patients use our secure website or mobile app to fill out an online interview and set up their appointment request. They will also update their medical record (e.g., allergies, meds, history) and included photos if relevant. Our providers will then communicate with patients via phone or video to review their medical issues and provide a treatment plan (NOTE: dermatologists will mainly use secure messaging). Physicians can prescribe medications when appropriate, and they are sent to the patient’s self-selected pharmacy.

Dr. William Osler would tell his students, “Listen to your patient; he’s telling you the diagnosis.”
Experience and evidence have taught us that the history is the most important part of any diagnostic workup and can tell us what we need to know for most minor issues. Additionally, the National Quality Forum made an excellent point in their report on Telehealth Quality1 when they noted that without access to virtual care, a patient would often get delayed care or no care at all, resulting in a much worse quality overall. With that said, if a provider ever feels a patient needs to be seen in person, they should always direct them to the appropriate level of care.

1 Creating a Framework to Support Measure Development for Telehealth. Read more.

Urgent care patients often present with minor issues like sinus or cold symptoms, sore throats, rashes, and UTIs. Chronic care patients may need refills or have questions about their diagnosis or medications. Behavioral health patients mainly have anxiety and depression issues. Dermatology patients have chronic care issues like acne or eczema.

Urgent care patients usually request to see the next doctor available, but they can also make an appointment for later in the day with a doctor of their choice. Primary care and Behavioral health patients make their appointments online ahead of time with the doctor of their choice.

Physicians use our proprietary, telehealth optimized EMR to review past history, current history, and uploaded pictures, to document their history and treatment plan, and to prescribe routine non-controlled medications, such as antibiotics, NSAIDs and anti-nausea medication.

Providers cannot prescribe controlled medications (e.g., Norco, Xanax), other addictive medications, IV/IM medications, nor certain lifestyle medications. A full list of these “Do Not Prescribe” medications are available on our secure portal, and this formulary is built into our eRx system.

Our MDLIVE Medical Group’s medical directors have developed telehealth specific clinical guidelines to help educate our providers on the most appropriate ways to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions on a telehealth platform. We additionally use analytical reporting, peer chart reviews, and patient surveys to ensure our doctors are operating at a high quality of care. We provide monthly report cards to help keep providers up to date and offer a variety of training and coaching.

We create clinical guidelines that help describe how to diagnose and treat common conditions via telehealth (e.g., Sinusitis, Flu, UTI, Rashes), as well as describe what are out-of-scope conditions we do not treat (e.g., narcotic requests, STDs or severe medical issues). These guidelines are based on a combination of evidence-based medicine, consensus reports, and experienced telehealth expert feedback. They are available on the portal during your consultations and are increasingly built into our product to help ensure patients are asked the right questions in their automated interviews and that we present treatment options based on the guidelines.

Yes, we cover malpractice for any work done on the MDLIVE platform by our providers. This does include Tail coverage for any work done on our system.

For doctors working 40 or more hours a week, you can earn as much or even much more than the average primary care physician does in the office setting. This will be based on factors such as the number of hours you schedule, the number of consults you perform, and the number of state licenses you have.

A doctor who wants to dedicate at least 10 hours a week (but ideally more) to doing telehealth consults, who has multiple state licenses, and who has the experience and comfort level to manage patients remotely. However, we recognize some providers want to start slow and build up, and we appreciate helping you as well.

We realize this is an age-old issue whether in the office or via telehealth, but it may be harder with a patient whom you do not have a long history treating. We do a few things to help with this issue: (1) We do proactively inform patients that many URIs are due to viruses and will not need antibiotics; (2) We provide specialized provider training on communicating about this issue; and (3) We back up our providers if patients complain they did not “get their antibiotic.” We want you to feel comfortable doing the right thing and know we support high-quality care.

Click here to be directed to our sign-up site. We will ask for some initial information to make sure you qualify (e.g., are you board-certified, how many years of experience do you have…). We will later request additional material to complete the process (e.g., your medical CV). The credentialing process usually takes 3-6 weeks if we have all your materials. You will also need to do a few hours of training, and then you will be ready to start taking consults online!

Click here to submit a question to our team or email us, and we will get back to you within a few business days or sooner!

We look forward to having you onboard!