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Top 3 reasons to get some beauty sleep

There’s a reason why we call it “beauty sleep.” Here are our top three reasons to give your skin 6-8 hours of shuteye each night.

Sleep gives you a radiant complexion

Proper rest helps maintain proper blood flow to the skin around your face, giving it that rosy-cheeked inner “glow.” Your body also rebalances your skin’s hydration levels while you sleep.  This is why getting enough ZZZs can banish dull or dry skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and make dark circles and puffy eyes go poof!

Getting to bed earlier helps you age gracefully

When you’re in deep sleep, your growth hormone levels increase. That’s how your body repairs damaged cells. But sleep deprivation can cause cell damage to build up. Over time, that leads to visible signs of premature aging like sagging skin and fine lines. In fact, this study from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine found that just one restless night can promote “biological aging” in adults. So get to bed earlier to repair a lot of this damage and help prevent too much aging too soon.

More pillow time can help calm your skin problems

Like we said earlier, your body hits the reset button on your hormone levels when you’re snoozing. That includes stress hormones, which can take their toll on even the healthiest skin. And they’re really bad news if you have an inflammatory skin condition like acne or psoriasis. The good news is that by sleeping longer, you give your skin a chance to repair, rebalance and renew. That’s great for calming most skin conditions, clearing up breakouts and improving a healthy complexion.

If your skin keeps you awake at night, talk to MDLIVE ASAP

Sleep deprivation can definitely aggravate many skin conditions. This leads to a cycle of itching and more sleep disruption. If this happens, don’t wait. Go to MDLIVE Dermatology to get your skin condition treated quickly by a board-certified dermatologist.  You can visit anytime, day or night. Just create your account, answer a few questions about your medical history, and upload photos of your condition. You’ll receive a diagnosis and personalized treatment plan within 24 hours, on average. Prescriptions can be electronically sent directly to your nearest pharmacy.

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