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MDLIVE Rash Guide

Are you itching
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Find out what that rash is
and how to treat it.

Getting a rash is irritating, but it can also be scary. When your skin starts to bump, lump, or swell, you can’t help but worry. Don’t stress out – get the help you need with MDLIVE. Our board-certified doctors treated more than 60,000 patients with rashes last year and are here to help you 24/7/365 from the safety and comfort of home.

What causes a rash?

Itchy, scratchy rashes can pop up for many reasons. Some of the most common causes are poison ivy, allergies, heat, and reactions to medications. Some rashes, like dermatitis, aren’t contagious, while others, like a viral rash, can spread to others. No matter how you get a rash, you want quick relief to stop the itching and scratching.

Rash treatment

The first step to treating a rash is to know the difference between the various outbreaks so you can get the right care to relieve your itchy situation. After that, you can decide if you need professional help or if an over-the-counter medication can help. Some rashes are caused by chronic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis and often require specialist care. Remember, if you have a rash and don’t know what to do, have an MDLIVE virtual doctor visit to determine the next steps you should take.



Rashes aren’t just itchy and annoying – they can also be dangerous if left untreated. Over-the-counter creams, cold compresses, and antihistamines can help if you’re dealing with something minor. However, while some rashes like a heat rash will go away on their own, others, like a poison ivy rash, require medical treatment. So, when should you seek medical attention? Here are a few guidelines.

See an MDLIVE doctor about your rash if:

  • Your rash lasts longer than a week
  • Your rash doesn’t seem to be improving or is getting worse
  • Your rash is spreading to other parts of your body
  • Your skin starts to blister
  • Your skin is red, swelling, or oozing
  • Your rash is painful, and you need relief

Before your virtual visit, you’ll be asked to upload a picture of your rash. Your doctor will use that information combined their professional experience and our proprietary telehealth medical guidelines to give you an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Click here to discover more about how our doctors provide reliable virtual care.

If you have a rash and aren’t sure if you need medical attention, have an MDLIVE virtual doctor visit today and get the answers and relief you need.

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