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Info Sheets

MDLIVE Overview Info Sheet

Reduced healthcare costs, increased access, member satisfaction.

MDLIVE Urgent Care Info Sheet

Delivering 24/7/365 access to convenient, contagion-free, cost-effective care.

MDLIVE Virtual Primary Care Info Sheet

Convenient, preventative care delivered through an integrated technology platform.

MDLIVE Behavioral Health Care Info Sheet

Therapists and psychiatrists available by appointment from the privacy and safety of home.

MDLIVE Dermatology Info Sheet

Asynchronous visits with a board-certified dermatologist for short and long-term skin, hair, and nail issues.

MDLIVE Employee Counseling Info Sheet

MDLIVE virtual behavioral health services enable best-in-class Employee Assistance Programs.

Case Studies

Member satisfaction and productivity savings for a high ROI

As a large district in Southwest Florida, Collier County Public Schools depends on its more than 7,000 employees every day. Any time off due to illness dramatically impacts student achievement. That’s why, on January 1, they partnered with MDLIVE and began offering telehealth services as part of its medical benefits. So far, 11 percent of their members have registered, and they have been able to reduce their overall healthcare costs and garner $35,799 in care diversion savings.

How GATE Petroleum’s investment in telehealth is paying off

As part of its commitment to its more than 3,000 employees, GATE Petroleum explored the benefits of adding telehealth to its healthcare benefits. After discovering how convenient it was to speak with a doctor anytime, anywhere, GATE Petroleum selected MDLIVE as its telehealth partner and launched the service in January 2015. Since that time, more than 19 percent of their employees have used the service and given it a satisfaction rating of 87 percent. Along with this, GATE Petroleum has saved money and achieved an ROI of 56 percent.

How Optima Health incorporated new services and saved with MDLIVE

As telehealth became more reliable, Optima Health decided to find a virtual-care partner to provide these services to its more than 18,000 Optima Health members. After researching its options, Optima Health determined that MDLIVE was the perfect choice based on their shared values. On January 1, 2013, Optima Health launched its telehealth benefits. The investment has paid off, and in just the first five months of 2018, Optima Health has had a total savings of $1 million.


Cone Health and MDLIVE

Cone Health is an integrated not-for-profit network of healthcare providers serving customers in multiple counties in North Carolina and Virginia. The organization’s tagline – “The Network for Exceptional Care” – highlights Cone Health’s commitment to excellence, which is shared by more than 14,000 employees, 1,300 physicians, and 1,200 volunteers.



When it comes to telehealth, the future is now – and bringing with it a whole new meaning to the term “house calls.” In a rare instance where innovation is moving at the same speed as consumer comfort, the provider and patient communities are of like mind about the opportunities that telehealth represents to drive improved service and outcomes in healthcare.


Driving Telehealth Utilization to Maximize Value for Organizations

Rapid advancements in digital technology are expanding access to medical care, allowing health-savvy consumers to manage their health like never before. In an effort to lower costs and improve health outcomes without restricting access to care, more companies are adding telehealth to their employee benefits packages.


Rise of digital health in US health systems Reducing cost, increasing quality and access.

Listen to Dr. Cynthia Zelis, Vice President of Ambulatory Operations and Telehealth University Hospital and Dr. Lyle Berkowitz, Chief Medical Officer and EVP of Product Strategy at MDLIVE as they discuss reducing cost, increasing quality and access.

Cone Health and MDLIVE

Providing Telehealth Solutions Connecting Consumers and Healthcare Providers

How MDLIVE Behavioral Health Visits Work

See how convenient and hassle-free it is to have a mental health visit with a board-certified psychiatrist or licensed therapist from the comfort and privacy of home. MDLIVE supports hundreds of behavioral health areas, and you can have visits with the same provider each time or switch at any time.

How MDLIVE Doctors Accurately Diagnose

Learn exactly how MDLIVE accurately diagnoses conditions like the flu or strep throat and delivers care you can trust with our rigorous clinical standards and experienced board-certified doctors.

How MDLIVE Medical Visits Work

See how to quickly get help for more than 80 common conditions like flu, pink eye, and sinus infections –– 24/7/365, after-hours, nights, weekends, and holidays. MDLIVE makes it convenient with just three easy steps to get care from a board-certified doctor in less than 15 minutes. Private, secure, virtual doctor visits from anywhere at any time.