Are there restrictions on what MDLIVE pediatricians can care for?

MDLIVE does not provide care for children:

  • under two months old with eye issues
  • under three months old with a fever
  • under three with ear pain
  • under 12 years old with cold sores (herpes labialis)
  • under 18 with a UTI (females only)
  • under 18 for virtual primary care

Our doctors can evaluate ear pain but cannot prescribe antibiotics for ear infections in children under 12. Antibiotics may be needed for severe bacterial ear infections, requiring in-person care.

Sophie, the MDLIVE chatbot, will guide you through a brief triage process before you request a visit for your child. If an urgent care appointment is not appropriate for your child's symptoms, you'll be directed to in-person care.

If you have a medical or mental health emergency, call 911.

Seek immediate medical attention if you experience a life-threatening condition or acute or severe symptoms.

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