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Reboot your skin for the new year with these 6 habits

Good skincare doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It just needs to be part of your routine. Reboot your skin in 2018 with these easy rituals and restore your radiance all year long. (Fellas, this means you, too!)

Wash your face every night

If you want healthy skin, you can’t skip this. Nightly face washing removes makeup, oil, dead skin cells, and other gunk from the day. If you don’t wash them off, they can cause irritation, inflammation and breakouts. So go for a quick, gentle wash with warm water and a mild cleanser every night. Or at the very least give your face a swipe with a face cleansing wipe.

Exfoliate your skin once a week

Skin renews itself about every 30 days. The process can cause a buildup of dead cells that leaves skin dull and dry or causes blemishes (or both!). Use an exfoliating scrub with smooth, round granules to avoid injuring your skin while you sweep away dead cells. Increase or decrease the frequency depending on your skin sensitivity and weather changes.

Clean and replace makeup

Acne-causing bacteria can lurk in your makeup. Your skincare routine should include cleaning makeup brushes once a week and replacing makeup regularly. Replace foundation, concealer, powders, blush and eye shadow at least once a year. Toss lipstick and lip gloss after six months, and mascara and eyeliner after three months.

Replace razors frequently

Dull razors can cause razor burn and ingrown hairs, so replace razors or blades weekly or biweekly depending on how often you shave. Guys, if you have a thick beard, you may need to replace your razor even more often. Also, if you store razors in the shower or near the tub, you’ll need to replace them more often since they may rust more quickly.

Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher

There really is no better skincare habit to protect against premature aging and skin cancer, including melanoma. Don’t just rely on the sunscreen in your makeup either, since you probably don’t apply it heavily enough to give you the protection you need, and it won’t cover all the exposed areas of your body.

Visit a dermatologist once a year

Caught early, skin cancer is very treatable. So once a year, schedule an in-office appointment with a dermatologist for a full-body skin examination. If you notice changes between appointments, visit MDLIVE Dermatology online. A visit takes just a few minutes, and you’ll get a diagnosis and treatment plan quickly – usually in 24 hours.

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