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MDLIVE, Leaders in Telehealth, are Celebrating “Share the Love”

MDLIVE allows you to have access to online board-certified doctors 24/7 right from your phone! Download the app and sign up for free.

We are excited for you to share the love, and share your comments. We are naturally social creatures, and deep down, we connect by sharing experiences with our peers – from intense conversations and expressing ideas to light-hearted laughs.

During February, MDLIVE is celebrating “Share the Love” and we want you to share with us! No matter what your favorite way is to express yourself, we’re listening. So share the love by leaving your comment below, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

DID YOU KNOW: According to researchers, humans communicate for social reasons 50% of the time. Most of us think about speech when we think about communication, but there are many other ways to communicate. Such as:

Facial expressions
– Gestures
– Pointing and using your hands
– Writing
– Drawing
– Using social media
– Touch
– Eye contact

…And do you know why we communicate?

– To share information
– Comment
– Ask questions
– Express wants and needs
– Develop social relationships
– Social etiquette

Share the love. Share a post. Share how you’re doing. Share your good news.

Raffaelo Zucco