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MDLIVE® Helps You Keep Your Family And Friends Together For The Holidays.

The holidays are here. Soon, you’ll be welcoming family and friends to your home. But what happens if you or one of your visiting guests get sick? Don’t let a last-minute illness spoil your special occasion. With MDLIVE®, everyone can enjoy the convenience of 24/7 access to board-certified physicians and pediatricians, who can treat a wide range of non-emergency conditions—from the comfort of your living room—via phone, smartphone, or PC. And, if a prescription is needed, it can be quickly sent to your nearest pharmacy.

MDLIVE saves you time and money.

Getting a doctor appointment when it’s NOT the holidays can be difficult. And visiting an urgent care center or ER for a non-emergency is not only time consuming, but can cost you and/or your guests hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. A virtual visit with an MDLIVE board-certified doctor or pediatrician costs just $49 or less (depending on insurance)—leaving everyone with more money left over for holiday shopping.

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