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Healthcare anywhere – MDLIVE member stories

Our board-certified doctors, dermatologists, and licensed psychiatrists deliver healthcare anywhere.   

Healthcare Anywhere – MDLIVE member stories

According to an article posted by Cisco about healthcare anywhere, “74% of consumers say they are at least open to a virtual health visit.”

More and more Americans are accepting telemedicine as the first option for visiting the doctor, or a therapist and getting prescriptions filled. Many use telehealth as an alternative to urgent care events such as sinus infections and urinary tract infections (UTI).

MDLIVE healthcare anywhere

Here are some stories from telehealth users about how virtual doctor visits helped them when they weren’t in the position to wait for a doctor’s office visit. For more true accounts and testimonials from members visit our testimonial page here.

We avoided a would-be sleepless night for the whole family.

 I’m a father of twin toddlers, who seem to share everything – except for the occasional toy, and this is our story about how MDLIVE helped our family avoid a “would-be” sleepless night. Last month my wife and I took the girls to the pediatrician for their annual checkup. Surprisingly it was a pretty stress-free visit, considering the task. We learned early-on to schedule doctor’s visits in advance so that the girls can share the appointment, and we can prepare for the challenges of having two unpredictable toddlers examined at the same time.

The wellness exam was uneventful, so we decided to take the girls for lunch at a local restaurant with an indoor playground. Overall the day was a success, except for one meltdown that the girls had quarreling over a found toy in the ball pit, and that’s when we decided that would be a great time to end our day out.

That night my wife and I awoke to cries coming from the baby monitor when we went to check on the girls, they both were standing up in their cribs crying, and both had fevers. That’s when my wife took charge and directed me to get the fever-reducer medicine, and she grabbed the laptop, brought it to the nursery, and scheduled an MDLIVE virtual appointment on the spot. We were talking with an MDLIVE doctor within 15 minutes. I provided the doctor with the temperature readings, and he asked some questions and determined that the fever reducer should keep the fevers down and that we wouldn’t need to go to urgent care for further help. We were so happy not to have to pack up the girls in the middle of the night and sit in an urgent care waiting room to be seen. In my opinion, our pediatrician is great for scheduled appointments, and MDLIVE is great for life’s unplanned doctor visits and a good night’s sleep.

Too busy to be sick

Like many other young professionals – I keep a pretty full schedule with work, friends and fun, and I just don’t have the time to get sick, let alone, make a doctor’s appointment, sit in a waiting room, before I can even get meds to begin feeling better. So, if I could just never get sick, that’d be great, sadly this isn’t reality.

So instead I do the next best thing which is to keep my doctor close wherever I go. And, at first sign that I may be coming down with a cold or flu, I can access MDLIVE for a doctor’s visit wherever I am and whenever I need to, even after regular doctor’s hours.

It’s great because my insurance offers the service, so it’s common for my co-workers and me to have a virtual doctor visit during a lunch break in the office. In fact, the last time that I used MDLIVE was when I was working with my team to build the end of the month reports and began to develop a sore throat and cough, which was getting worse, as the delivery date got closer. Finally, my teammate, who could tell that I was getting worse offered to take over my section of the project so I could make a virtual doctor visit. Sure enough, from making the appointment to diagnosis took less than 30 mins, and I was able to pick up meds the doctor called into the closest pharmacy, all within an hour.

House calls in the country

I live in a small farm town in the Midwest. My hometown has two restaurants, one grocery, a post office, and lots of wheat fields surrounding us. When neighbors and I need to visit the doctor’s office, we drive 45 minutes to the closest big town, and to see a specialist, it’s another two hours to the city. So, you can imagine that making a doctor’s appointment is a planned trip, and there is no luxury of urgent care. Until that is, my insurance plan added MDLIVE as a telehealth option. I really had no issue in getting used to the idea of visiting a doctor by phone or computer, and if I have questions or need assistance, I simply call and talk to a customer service agent, and they figure it out. I’d say I use MDLIVE mostly in the winter months when the weather makes it difficult to get to town. It’s convenient that our grocery store has a pharmacy inside of it so the doctors can send prescriptions. Not only can I see a doctor without leaving the house, but I can also get my prescription quickly without leaving town. I can’t recommend telehealth enough!

MDLIVE is an active leader in bringing the reality of healthcare anywhere.
Making it easy to see a doctor anywhere, anytime, from your phone, tablet or computer.

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