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Your doctors aren’t available after sunset. Our doctors are!

There’s nothing more frightening than getting sick afterhours or on weekends. Thankfully, the next time darkness falls and illness creeps in, you can beckon MDLIVE to swoop in and treat your non-emergency conditions. Whether it’s a killer headache, monster insect bite, uncontrollable coffin, or just plain feeling like a zombie, MDLIVE is the perfect alternative to an urgent care center or ER… no bones about it!

Don’t get tricked… get treated, FAST, with MDLIVE!

With MDLIVE, you can summon a board-certified doctor or pediatrician 24/7 via phone or video, from wherever you are, in an average of less than 10 minutes. And if your physician determines you need a prescription, it can be quickly sent electronically to the nearest pharmacy. So if a fever spikes in the witching hour, you can quickly get a diagnosis and prescription in hand before sunrise!

It’s scary how much virtual care covers!

Virtual care can be used to treat a whole lot more than just bumps and bruises. For example, the list of symptoms treated by MDLIVE includes: acne, allergies, cold/flu, constipation, cough, diarrhea, ear problems, fever, headache, insect bites, nausea/vomiting, pink eye, rash, respiratory problems, sore throats, urinary problems/UTI, vaginitis, and more! Of course, for anything more serious, you should call 911 and go straight to the nearest emergency room for the highly skilled care you need.

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